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STD-T106:920MHz-Band RFID Equipment for Premises Radio Station

[STD Number]ARIB STD-T106
[Standard Name]920MHz-Band RFID Equipment for Premises Radio Station
[Enactment Date]2012/2/14
[Version]    1.1
[Revision Date]2017/10/17

[General Description]

Among the premises radio stations defined in the Article 14 of the Regulations for Enforcement of the Radio Law, this standard specifies on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment that uses the frequency 916.7 MHz or more and 920.9 MHz or less specified in the Article 49-9, Clause 1 of the Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment. (This FRID refers to the identification of mobile objects that the radio equipment performs by receiving the radio wave emitted from a responder.

The target system is a high output power type passive tag system, and is based on the conventional high-output power type RFID equipment standard specified as ARIB STD-T89: "950MHz-Band RFID Equipment for Premises Radio Station." It newly adopts method outstanding in effective use of frequency, and attains improvements such as realization of high-speed communication (from 90 to 270 Kbps) by ensuring a sufficient receiving bandwidth for tag response waves.

Note that this standard specifies the technical requirements of radio equipment comprising an interrogator, an antenna, and a responder, while it does not specify communication protocols between the interrogator and the responder (a standard for interoperability).

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Product code: ARIB-STD-T106-1.1

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