On this site (ARIB Web Store), you can purchase Japanese version of standard etc.
  note:English version can download free of charge from the ARIB website.

ARIB regular members,supporting members and standard conference committee affiliated companies can download Japanese version of standard etc free of charge from the ARIB website.

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ARIB Web Store Agreement for Download Members

This Agreement applies when regular members and supporting members of the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) as well as persons other than Standard Assembly corporate members download ARIB standards and technical reports (“Standards etc.”) using the ARIB Web Store, the Association’s online sales site.
The Association may modify the content of this Agreement at its discretion without the consent of download members.

Article 1. Use of the ARIB Web Store

Persons who use the ARIB Web Store must agree of this Agreement and apply to become Download Members by completing the ARIB Web Store registration form.

Article 2. Download Members

Download members are those persons whose registration as download members is approved by us.

Article 3. Revision of Registration Information

If any changes occur to registration information, a Download Member shall provide notice to us using the ARIB Web Store revision form.

Article 4. Registration Fee

There is no registration fee for Download Members.

Article 5. Registration.

No particular registration period as a Download Members shall be specified, but in the case where a member does not use the ARIB Web Store for an extended period, the member’s registration may be canceled.

Article 6. Withdrawal from Download Member

If a member wishes to withdraw from Download Member during the registration period, the member shall notify us using the ARIB Web Store withdrawal form.

Article 7. Issuance of Download Member ID and Password

When we approves registration, it shall issue a Download Member ID and password.

Article 8. Purchase of Standards etc.

Download Members may, after verification of their Download Member ID and passwords, receive the following services from the ARIB Web Store by paying the purchase price specified in the separate explanation of how to use the ARIB Web Store.
(1) Purchase of Standards; and
(2) Purchase of technical reports.

Article 9. Management of Download Member ID and Password

The Download Members bears all responsibility concerning management and use of the download member ID and password, and this shall apply in even in the case of improper use and the like by a third party. If a download member ID and password agree with the information in the Association’s possession, any relevant conduct will be considered the conduct of the Download Member.

Article 10. Disclaimers

We shall not bear any liability to pay compensation for damage incurred by a member as a result of an interruption or delay of services on the ARIB Web Store as a result of failure of our servers, network equipment, communications lines, and so on or power outage, natural disaster, maintenance work, or otherwise. we shall not bear any liability to pay compensation for damage even in the case where in a download member incurs damage of any type from use of the ARIB Web Store.

Article 11. Compliance with the Standards etc. Use Agreement

When using downloaded Standards etc., members shall comply with the separate Standards Use Agreement.

Article 12. Cancellation of Download Membership

In the case where a Download Member violates this agreement or fails to pay the purchase price specified in Article 8 or our determines that a member is otherwise unsuitable as a Download Member, we may cancel the Download Membership without the provision of any notice or warning.