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Standards etc. Use Agreement

The ARIB standards and technical documents (“Standards etc.”) available for purchase on the ARIB Web store are protected by copyrights, and the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) owns the rights relating to sale of those Standards etc..
When downloading Standards etc. from the ARIB Web Store, be sure to read this Standards Use Agreement (this “Agreement”).
When a download of Standards etc. from the ARIB Web Store starts, you will be considered to have agreed to this Agreement.
If you do not wish to be bound by this Agreement, do not download Standards etc. from the ARIB Web Store.

1. Grant of License

Conditioned on the provisions of this Agreement and payment of the purchase price, we grants a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to the Standards etc. purchased from the ARIB Web Store to the user of the Standards etc. (the “User”). The rights granted to the User by this Agreement are limited to the following.

(1) This Agreement does not transfer the content of Standards etc. or rights relating to Standards etc. but grants to the User a limited and revocable right of use to use the Standards etc.

(2) The User may install and access Standards etc. on one computer (excluding regular members, supporting members, and Standard Assembly corporate members) used, leased, or otherwise managed by the User. In the case where the computer on which Standards etc. are installed becomes inoperable and as a result access to products becomes impossible, the User may transfer the Standards etc. to a different computer. In this case, after transfer, the Standards etc. must be deleted from the original computer. The use of Standards etc. on two or more computers and use on a LAN or other network is not permitted. The User may not install Standards etc. on a computer used or intended for use by the public (unspecified or large numbers of persons).

(3) Integration, modification, translation, revision, adaptation, lending, leasing, selling, granting of sublicenses, assignment, transfer in a different format, and deletion of the copyright notice displayed on Standards etc. with regard to any part of Standards etc. is not permitted. Creation of a paper version of standards etc. for use by the User and creation of one electronic copy for use as the User’s backup are permitted, but the creation of other copies is not permitted.

(4) The User acknowledges and agrees that the Standards etc. are owned by us, We possesses the right to grant licenses, and the Standards etc. are protected by Japanese Copyright Act and international treaties relating to copyrights.

(5) The User shall provide to us or the representative or certified public accountant designated by us all information necessary to ensure compliance with this Agreement. Further, the User agrees that we or the representative or certified public accountant designated by us may enter the User’s offices and so on and examine the computer on which the Standards etc. are used in order to verify use in compliance with this Agreement.

2. Limitation of Liability

(1) We shall not accept returns or exchanges of Standards etc. In the case of misplaced pages, missing pages, or electronic defects in Standards etc., the Standards etc. shall be exchanged for a non-defective version of the same product.

(2) We provides no warranties regarding the content of the Standards etc. and shall not bear any liability for indirect, incidental, or consequential losses or damage including economic damage or losses arising from use or possession of the Standards etc. by the User.

(3) The User shall bear all responsibility regarding results occurring from use or possession of the Standards etc.

3. Cancellation of License

If the User breaches this Agreement, we may immediately cancel the grant of the license. At the time of cancellation of the grant of the license, the User shall immediately cease using the Standards etc. and within 10 days delete the Standards etc. from the computer and send a certificate indicating that the Standards etc. were deleted to us.

4. Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Japanese Civil Code, Copyright Act, and other laws and regulations. The User agrees that the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court in Japan shall be the exclusive court of first instance with regard to settlement of disputes arising in relation to Standards etc. or this Agreement.